OPC UA DataBinding library


This project is aimed at implementing an editor of the OOI Reactive Application configuration file. For more extensive examples, see the Semantic-Data Processing Architecture.

The schema of the configuration files is available at: ConfigurationData.xsd and detailed description of the configuration is captured in the document UA Data Networking Configuration.

The code help documentation is available for sponsors- consider joining

The main changes and Version History are provided by the document ReadMe.txt

The NuGet package is available here: OPC UA DataBindings Library.

To install OPC UA DataBindings Library, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package UAOOI.DataBindings

Getting Started Tutorial

The topics contained in this section are intended to give you quick exposure to the OOI Reactive Application network based data exchange programming experience. Working through this tutorial gives you an introductory understanding of the steps required to create OOI Reactive Application configuration custom editor. The editor is to be used by an universal tool supporting OPC UA Information Model design process. For more information on deploying OPC UA Information Model read the document: Information Models Development

The configuration files are managed using the UAOOI.Configuration.Networking component.

How to implement the custom editor

This section provides hints how to implement a custom editor of any OOI Reactive Application processing data. For example the following applications are good candidate to support this role:

  • HMI device - displaying incoming data on the screen;
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) - equipped with the driver compliant with the standard
  • PLC - updating the internal registers using data recovered from the incoming messages.

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