DataSet and Communication Channel Association

The diagram below provides a very generic overview of the responsibilities that must be implemented by the UA Application:


  • UA Data Networking - represents a software exchanging the data using protocol compliant with the UA Part 14 Pub/Sub and binding the data with the underlying process.
  • MessageHandler - represents a selected transport protocol supporting unsolicited data distribution or a middle-ware supporting publication/subscription message exchange communication pattern.
  • DataSet - represents a preselected collection of process data items transmitted by the MessageHandler as one whole and information required to bind with the underlying process.
  • MessageReader - captures functionality necessary to filter out unwanted messages and decode the data according to provided meta-data
  • MessageWriter - captures functionality necessary to address the message (provide globally unique identifier) and encode the data using provided meta-data
  • Association - provides:
    1. one to one association between an entity instance derived from MessageHandler and DataSet
    2. required addressing information as the PublisherId/DataSetWriterId couple
    3. meta-data information used to encode/decode the process data into the messages

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